• Benchmark Testing

    Hoquiam School District uses the Galileo-ATI online platform for our district assessment.  The 2019-20 school year is the first year of using this specific assessment as a district. This assessment provides data on the Washington State Learning Standards for each Grade Level in ELA and Mathematics (some grade levels are also accessing Science).   This test is currently administered three times per year. The general length of each assessment should be approximately two class sessions.

     September Baseline Assessment #1:  This data allows us to see if there are areas of strength within our classes to inform our pacing and curriculum mapping for the year.  Students are advised that there will be many things they don't know YET, as these are the standards for the end of their specific grade level.  By providing this baseline, students, parents and teachers will be able to monitor growth throughout the year.

     January Assessment #2:  The same standards that were tested in September are again tested in this assessment.  This allows for growth to be measured, comparing apples to apples.  Teachers and students can see where growth has occurred individually as well as in the class of students. Generally this test is given mid-January right before the semester ends.

     EOY Assessment #3:  Again the same standards are assessed.  Yearly progress can be noted and information as to what area a student can work on over the summer can be established based off of standards that have not been met through this assessment or classroom assessments given throughout the year.


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