Graduation Requirements


    Graduation Requirements

    1. Washington State Minimum Credit Requirements



    Class of 2019 and Beyond
    English 4
    Mathematics 3
    Science 3
    Social Studies** 3
    Arts 2
    Health and Fitness 2
    Career and Technical Education 1
    Electives 4

    World Language or Personalized Pathway Requirement

    Total Required Credits

    (Up to 2 credits can be waived locally based on a student's unusual circumstances.)


    2.  High School and Beyond Plan

    Students shall have an education plan for their high school experience, including what they expect to do the year following graduation. 

    3.  Certificate of Academic Achievement

    Students must earn the Certificate of Academic Achievement by demonstrating achievement of the high school English language arts (ELA), and math standards on the Smarter Balanced Assessment or one of the other Washington State Pathways.

    4.  Culminating Project

    Each student shall complete a culminating project for graduation. This project consists of students demonstrating their learning competencies. The culminating project in the Hoquiam School District includes a portfolio, senior experience and presentation.


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