May 1, 2020   


    Dear Hoquiam School District Students and Families,


    We hope this letter finds you and your family well.  During this unprecedented time, it is our foremost priority that student and family needs are being met.  If there are concerns that we can help with we want you to feel free to reach out to us.  At the close of school each student was sent home with a packet of information about what the Hoquiam School District would do for the next 6 weeks.  Students were given information on logins, emails and how we would be communicating.  Some were able to pick those up from their school and others were mailed if that was not a possibility.  Since that time, and the announcement that school would not re-open this year, the Hoquiam School District has been creating a plan around continuous learning.  We appreciate your patience as we worked with state and local considerations during this time.  This letter is designed to answer some questions around what this means for our students this year.



    The district in its efforts to keep families informed has reached out in many different ways.  Please check the Hoquiam School District Website (Hoquiam.net), District and School Facebook pages, and emails sent weekly to students through their school email account.  Robo-calls have been made to keep each family up-to-date on information that needs to be communicated immediately.  Teachers can be reached directly through their district email account if questions, concerns or information is needed in supporting your child or family during this time.



    Students can access continuous learning activities in two ways; online or packets distributed through our Grab-n-Go lunch sites.  These activities are meant to encourage students to engage in learning that is review or an application to the real world.  It is the expectation that students engage each week with as many opportunities provided as possible.  The focus is on engagement and learning. 


    Instructional Packets can be returned to the Grab-n-Go sites each week.  These will be distributed to teachers for evaluation. Online activities can be emailed to the teacher by taking pictures of the work, as an attachment to an email or through Google Classroom where available.  Information comes out for continuous learning activities each Monday through email and with new weekly packets at the Grab-n-Go sites.



    Two-way communication is vital for the success of all of our students.  Without the benefit of attendance based on being at school we have planned that regularly weekly contact is made with families and that is documented.  If your child is engaging in virtual contact with their teachers this is counted as attending school.  When a family picks up a packet at the Grab-n-Go lunch sites their name is recorded and is counted for attendance.  Finally, teachers are following up with emails/phone calls to families in an effort to ensure student engagement and participation. If you receive a phone call from a blocked number, it may be your child’s teacher reaching out as they are using personal cell phones and they have been asked to block their number for privacy purposes.



    K-8:  All students this year will be promoted to the next grade.  Teachers are working hard to expose students to the vital standards needed for the upcoming year.  It is understood that backfilling and covering previous year standards will occur in the fall and throughout the next grade.  Keeping students engaged in activities that encourage learning, promote curiosity, and follow the OSPI guidelines is the instructional goal.  Teachers will be tracking engagement opportunities that students partake in during this closure as a means of assessment.


    High School 9-12 & Algebra at HMS


    • Student grades will not go down from where they were March 16, 2020
    • Students will be able to make up any work or assessments from before March 16, 2020.
    • Students can earn an A, B, C, D, or an Incomplete. (No, F, Pass, No Credit)
    • Students are expected to engage in the continuous learning activities for “credit” each week from April 13, 2020 - June 19, 2020. 
    • There was continuous learning March 16, 2020 - April 3, 2020, but this was not part of the “grading” due to families and students learning their role as distance learners  and the district handing out chrome books.
    • Students who actively engage in 8 of 9 weeks starting April 13, 2020, their grade will go up 20% in that class.
    • Students who actively engage in 5 of 9 weeks starting April 13, 2020, their grade will go up 10% in that class. 
    • If a student earns an ‘Incomplete’ they will have the option to either take summer school if offered, take the class online starting this summer or next school year, take the class above the class they scored an incomplete on to earn credit back. (Ex. Algebra student earns an incomplete, takes Geometry next year and passes with a C.           The algebra class grade will be changed), or make up missing work with their teacher before or after school hours.
    • Students picking up the paper/pencil option need to turn them in by Friday at any Grab-n-Go site so credit can be given.


     Students with Disabilities

    Some students in our district receive individualized instruction through an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and/or related services. Our      teachers have been collaborating on the weekly learning packets that are developed for each grade level including ensuring that there are accommodations/modifications.  However, some of our students have more complex learning needs and for those student’s teachers will provide individual learning opportunities on a case by case basis for each of these families.  


    If your child has an IEP their teacher will be contacting you to develop a Continuous Learning Plan specific to your student and their needs.  This plan includes documenting the method and frequency of communication between the teacher and family, identifying assets and needs for support in a distance learning setting, determining focus of learning goals and services during distance learning, and finally documenting needs for when school reopens, whether this summer or this fall.   


    Feedback from Our Families

    As a district we are trying to learn more about the needs of our families as it relates to distance learning opportunities.  Due to the uncertainty of what is going on around us we believe this information will be beneficial for future planning and development of distance learning.  The information you provide informs us of the assets as well as the needs of our families.  This information will be used to inform decisions and work with community partners in order to create the best possible learning opportunity for the students of Hoquiam School District.  


    We are asking families to take a few minutes and give us feedback on our distance learning plan. The survey will only take a few short minutes to complete.  Use the camera on most smartphones to scan the QR code and then open the form to complete the survey.  You can also download a QR code scanner to work with your cell phone as well.  Use the link as well by typing into your internet browser https://bit.ly/HSDFamilyFeedback and you can access the survey.  If you are reading this electronically you can simply click the blue link and be taken immediately to the survey. 


    For those families that cannot access the online survey we will have staff at our Grab-n-Go lunch sites that will be able to input the survey for you when you are picking up student work packets as well as lunches.  



    Technology Support

    If you need technology support for your chrome books-please email tech.support@hoquiam.net





    Dr. Mike A. Villarreal







Last Modified on April 29, 2020