Kellogg, Kjersten - 1st Grade

Welcome to our First Grade Classroom!

Dear Parents,

Congratulations! You are now the parent of a first-grader here at Emerson! You will be amazed at just how much your child will grow this year. You will see changes in your child’s thinking, as he or she becomes familiar with abstract concepts and symbols. The change will be dramatic - just compare a young athlete with a full-grown Olympian! That’s the kind of growth you’ll see this year. Of course, each child will progress at an individual rate, but success is measured not by where they finish, but by how far they’ve come. The first grade year is also one of transition to a more formal learning environment. Children will still have many opportunities to work and play in hands-on activities, but they will be involved in independent tasks as well.

 The most successful athletes have the best coach -- and that’s you! Staying involved in your child’s education is the key to a successful year. Engage your child in conversation about his/her day! I will send home a monthly newsletter detailing our activities and learning for the month. You can use this as a springboard for discussion. Another way to stay involved is to check your child’s Communication Folder EVERY evening. You’ll usually find it full of schoolwork, parent letters from me, and notices from the office. Try to sort through them and read each one. They often contain important information and reminders. Your child should come to school the next day with a fairly empty folder. Communication is key. Whether it is by email, phone or note please don't hesitate to contact me. If you would like to come by Emerson, I am available from 7:30-8:20, and 2:45-3:15.

 Here’s to wishing us a wonderful year of growth. I am very excited to help your child reach his or her potential with a rewarding and fun year!



Mrs. Kellogg