Welcome to the Hoquiam School District's Title VI Native Education Program Page!

The Title VI Native Education Program is in place to support students who are American Indian or Alaska Native. In order to qualify for program services your student must be an enrolled member of a federally recognized or state recognized tribe OR have a parent or grandparent that is enrolled. If your child is a member of a terminated tribe or otherwise organized Native group, further documentation is required to determine eligibility. Every child who is interested in participating in the program must have a Title VI 506 Form on file with the district Native Education Liaison whose office is located on the second floor of the library at the high school. The 506 Form can be downloaded from this site, please see PDF file attachment below.

What is Title VI?

This legislation calls for culturally responsive teaching and learning services that supplement and enrich the regular school program. Title VI requires that grantees identify goals or "objectives" for their local project that are (1) based on a needs assessment and (2) developed in an open consultation with parents, teachers, and representatives of Native tribes. Local project objectives could include, for example, increasing American Indian and Alaska Native students' academic achievement, knowledge of cultural identity and awareness, and school attendance. 

This program provides support in:

  • Supplementing existing student support programs and qualifying students for specialized academic services

  • Non-academic support to students, staff who support Native students, and families of Native students (e.g.... placement support, transfers, truancy, discipline, accessing behavioral/mental health and chemical dependency support specifically for American Indian/Alaska Native people)

  • Post-secondary/career guidance 

  • Culturally responsive leadership development 

  • Coordinating and implementing programs and activities to increase awareness and instill pride in American Indian history, traditions, and culture 

Indian Parent Committee 

An important component of this program is the Indian Parent Committee or IPC. For Native Education formula grants it is required that the program be developed and approved by a parent committee. This must include parents and family members of eligible Native children enrolled in the district. For more detailed information on the IPC please download the PDF attached below. 

For any questions or general concerns about the program please contact the district's Native Education Coordinator Sandy Ruiz via phone at (360) 538-8409 or by email at saruiz@hoquiam.net

 "What should it matter if one bowl is dark and the other pale, if each is of good design and serves its purpose well?" -Hopi 


Summer Break 

Wishing my students and their families a safe and stress free summer, looking forward to seeing you in person next year!!

Summer break image

New Library Books!!

I have been working on the project of updating the books for our Native students in each of our school libraries since last year. In collaboration with QIN, the program was able to purchase over one hundred new books, all from the Native perspective and by Native authors. I'm very proud to say these books will be in the libraries next year. I'd like to thank Sarah Livingston of our local Timberland Library branch and Tashia Arnold of QIN, for their help and support in this effort. 


QIN Tutoring

Quinault Indian Nation has tutoring available for Quinault students, please contact me for more information on signing up or contact the tribe directly:

Tashia DeLacruz-Arnold

Cultural Specialist & Youth Activities Coordinator

Quinault Indian Nation Education Department

O: 360-276-8215 Ext. 6405

*Please see the links above for tutoring application and consent form. 

Right to Tribal Regalia Act

Statement and link to House Bill 2551 affirming Native students' right to wear tribal regalia for commencement ceremonies, from the Office of the Superintendent and the Office of Native Education for Washington state.


"Bouncing Back from Setbacks" a message for Native Youth


So What Exactly Is 'Blood Quantum'?

A brief history and background on blood quantum and how it currently affects different tribes through enrollment, citizenship, and sovereignty. Given by NPR. 


Since Time Immemorial: Tribal Sovereignty in Washington State

This site is from the Washington office of the superintendent of public instruction. It provides information on the Since Time Immemorial curriculum that was mandated in 2015 as needing to be taught in our schools with the goal of teaching from a place of inclusion regarding Tribal sovereignty in Washington state. 


Native Land

This is an interactive site that gives information about Tribal lands, treaties, and languages. It can be explored to learn more about territory acknowledgement and the ancestral lands of local tribes. 


Spotlight on American Indian History

June Topic: Native American Resistance at Alcatraz, 1969

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