Krohn, Jen - 7th Grade Language Arts


7th Grade Reading

Home of the “Reading Rockstars”

Welcome to 7th grade ELA!  The expectations for this class are quite simple… READ, WRITE, and READ a little more. There are millions of studies about reading and writing, each and every one of them agree on one thing; the only way to improve your reading and writing is to read and write more. Please become familiar with the practices of this class, and if at any time you have a question or concern please contact me. I check my e-mails daily and my phone messages after school each day.

*My supply list is small, but very important. Students need to have a composition book (devoted only to this class only), a writing utensil and an independent reader (bookeach and every single day. On occasion they will need college ruled paper, but not very often and they will know in advance.  Being prepared is as important as being engaged in the daily learning.

*All school rules apply in room #1. If you are not following the rules, I will kindly remind you, if the behavior continues I will follow the step process (see student handbook). In this classroom, each student should feel safe and secure. Creating an environment for all to learn is essential.

*Students will be assigned a variety of independent book projects throughout the year. I may assign a genre, but the book will be selected, by the student, at their appropriate level. For instance, November may be Historical Fiction month. With students reading at their independent level, this guarantees success. It is my goal that each and every student experiences the feeling of success while they are with me.

*With students selecting their own novels, please address any concerns you, as a parent, may have with what they read since many students will be selecting from the young adult section. If a student comes across a book he/she feels uncomfortable with, they may abandon it at any time. I have no way of monitoring what is in each and every novel they may come in contact with.

*Reading grades are based on classroom engagement, daily work, reading logs, and assessments.

*In the event of an absence, it is up to the student to find out what was missed. If you were present for the assignment, and do not complete it on time, you will lose points for each day that passes. If there is a circumstance, that needs my attention, please have a conversation with me. I realize things happen… I am human. J

*Progress reports will come home twice a month. Please check grades on-line frequently. This is a valuable tool for parents and students to check on missing assignments, absences, tardiness and overall academic performance. Parents; together we can be your child’s best advocate.

And REMEMBER…The more you READ, the more you know!