Dear Hoquiam Middle School Families,

As many of you know, school districts across the region are shifting to remote learning due to COVID cases and staff shortages.  We, as a district, are committed to ensuring that we remain open to serve students in person.  However, we want to communicate early and be as transparent as possible so that staff, families, and students know what to expect should we have to close a building or the district for a short period of time.  Please find attached all necessary documents, links, and information in the case of a return to remote learning at the Hoquiam School District.

Remote Schedule

Groups Pre-Identified for In-Person Services

  • Students enrolled in McKinney Vento

  • Students enrolled in Multilingual Education

  • Students enrolled in Native Education

  • Students with a current 504 Plan, IEP, or Special Education supports/services that are identified as needing direct, in-person instruction.


Teacher Name


Personal Zoom Link

Audi Hara

Special Education

Mrs. Hara’s Class

Jessica Kalama

6th Grade Math

Ms. Kalama's Class

Nikki Gaddis 

Computer Science/Health/Journalism 

Mrs. Gaddis' Class

Brandon Templer

6th grade Science

Tim Pelan Jr

6th Grade History

Mr. Pelan Jr.'s Class

Scott Londino

Sped - Math

Mr. Londino's Class

Rachelle Andrews

School Counselor

Hope Squad

Office Hour

Duke Harner

Construction Math 1st-3rd Period

Mr. Harner's Class

Joseph Brewton

7th Grade Washington State History

6th Grade Civics

Mr. Brewton's Class

Shayne Folkers

8th Grade US History


Mrs. Folker's Class

Jen Krohn

7th Grade ELA

Mrs. Krohn's Class

Cindy Falla

7th Grade Math

Falla's Math and Homeroom Zoom Link

Aaron Gwin

8th Grade Math

Mr. Gwin's Class 

Charyl Schmidt

Band and Choir

Mrs. Schmidt's Music Madness Link

Colby Rogers

6th grade ELA

Rogers - 6th Grade ELA

Chad Allan

8th Grade Science and Robotics

Mr. Allan's Science and Robotics Zoom link

Erinn Ounsted

ELA Interventions

Mrs. Ounsted's Class

Chase Taylor

ELA Sped

Mr. Taylor's Class

Tim Pelan Sr. 


Mr. Pelan's PE Class

Nanci Dayton

7th Grade Science

Mrs. Dayton's Class

Kelli Bates

8th ELA

Mrs.Bates 8th Grade ELA 

Megan Pumphrey

Health and 6th PE

Ms. Pumphrey's Class