Dear Hoquiam High School Families,

As many of you know, school districts across the region are shifting to remote learning due to COVID cases and staff shortages.  We, as a district, are committed to ensuring that we remain open to serve students in person.  However, we want to communicate early and be as transparent as possible so that staff, families, and students know what to expect should we have to close a building or the district for a short period of time.  Please find attached all necessary documents, links, and information in the case of a return to remote learning at the Hoquiam School District.

Remote Schedule

Groups Pre-Identified for In-Person Services

  • Students enrolled in McKinney Vento

  • Students enrolled in Multilingual Education

  • Students enrolled in Native Education

  • Students with a current 504 Plan, IEP, or Special Education supports/services that are identified as needing direct, in-person instruction.

Zoom Links for Hoquiam High School

Tutorial for Setting up Your Zoom

Teacher Name


Personal Zoom Link

Richelle Barger

Commercial Art and Photography

Richelle Barger’s Zoom

Katie Barr


Katie Barr’s Zoom

Suzanne Blom

Basic Skills, Transition

Blom Zoom Link

Ed Dawson





Curtis Eccles

ELA 9 & 11

Curtis Eccle’s Zoom

Stacie Fesler

Math, High School Readiness

Stacie Fesler’s Zoom

Duke Harner

5th & 6th Period Metal Shop

Duke Harner’s Zoom

Terry Helland

Anatomy, Biology, Chemistry

Terry Helland’s Zoom

Bryan Jones

Geometry, Algebra, Navigation and Earth Science

Bryan Jones’s Zoom

Steve Jump

English 10, PE

Steve Jump’s Zoom

Connie King

Financial Math, Computer Science, Yearbook & Navigation

Connie King’s Zoom

Deborah Koehn


Koehn's Zoom Meeting Link

Kory McElravy

Alg 1, Alg 2, precalc, Nav

Kory McElravy’s Zoom

John McGrath


John McGrath’s Zoom

Jennifer Pace

All PE/ WT TRN classes and Navigation 

Jennifer Pace’s Zoom

Susan Peters

Band, English 11, Choir

Susan Peters

Stephen Phillips

Alg 2, Geo, Nav

Mr. Phillips' Zoom Link

Mike Pirianian

ELA 11, ELA 12, AP Lit. & Comp., Navigation

 Mr. P.'s Zoom Link

Janice Pumphrey

Foods, Health, Nav

Janice Pumphrey’s Zoom

Jim Sandstrom

Business Classes

Mr. Sandstrom's Zoom Link

Stan Severson


Mr Severson's Zoom Link

Kasey Silvers

English/Biology/Earth Science

Kasey Silvers Zoom

Patty Sundstrom

US History

Patty Sundstrom’s Zoom

Jennifer Winkelman


Mrs. Winkelman’s Zoom

JaLynne Winters

World History, Credit Recovery, Navigation

Mrs Winters Zoom Link