HMS Families: Last night's 8th Grade Girls Basketball game at Miller is in the process of being rescheduled. More information when it is confirmed.
1 day ago, Hoquiam Middle School
The 4:00 7th Grade JV Game vs. Tenino has been cancelled due to transportation issues at Tenino. There will be no practice. Students will be free to come home right after school. The 5:15 8th JV Game against Miller is still a go!
2 days ago, Hoquiam Middle School
Week at a Glance for this week: Wrestling comes to an end on Monday, Girls Basketball back in action Tuesday and Wednesday, and out most of our 6th Graders hit Seattle for the Nutcracker on Thursday...Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.
4 days ago, Hoquiam Middle School
Dec 4
HMS Families: The December edition of the Cubby Chronicle is out. This link will take you there:
7 days ago, Hoquiam Middle School
HMS Basketball- The 7th Grade JV Game scheduled for December 14 has been moved to Monday December 11 at 5:15 here at HMS.
7 days ago, Hoquiam Middle School
Hoquiam Middle School families: The Hoquiam School district is partnering with Toys for Tots to help provide local families with a memorable holiday experience. Children age 0-16 are eligible. For more information:
9 days ago, Hoquiam Middle School
HMS Girls Basketball ...okay...this rescheduled game is going to be the death of me! The 8th grade JV game tomorrow will immediately follow the 7th grade JV game (which starts at 4:30). It was posted earlier by some cotton headed ninnymuggins that the 8th grade JV game started at 6:30. That was incorrect. He has been stripped of all social media posting duties and it will now be done by his secretary...we apologize for the confusion
10 days ago, Hoquiam Middle School
HMS Girls Basketball: Okay....we have another change for the game originally scheduled for December 7. Montesano was okay with us moving the game as it clashed with our 6th grade trip to Seattle. It was moved to Wednesday, November 29. However due to lack of available officials, we have now settled on tomorrow...TUESDAY NOVEMBER 28. Game times will be: 7th JV at 4:30, and 8th JV at 6:30 pm. Will keep you apprised of any future changes.
10 days ago, Hoquiam Middle School
HMS Girls Basketball: The games scheduled for Thursday, December 7 have been moved to THIS Wednesday, November 29, due to conflicts with the upcoming field trip to Seattle for the Nutcracker. Game times will be 7th JV at 4:00 (H) Montesano, and 8th JV at 5:15.
10 days ago, Hoquiam Middle School
HMS 6th Grade Band parents: The Hoquiam H.S. Music Department is sponsoring a 6th Grade "Band Buddies" Night on Nov. 29th!. This is a REQUIRED EVENT for 6th Grade Band Students. High School Band Students (supervised by Ms. Peters) will be down at the Middle School from 5pm to 7:30pm for a TON OF FUN playing experience with the 6th Grade Beginning Band that night. This form DOES need to be completed and returned to HMS by Tuesday, Nov. 28.
15 days ago, Hoquiam Middle School
HMS Families: Enjoy your long weekend. Here is the Week at a Glance for next week. Oddly enough, no basketball games, but two wrestling matches, and an opportunity for some music and food for 6th grade band members to hang out with their Grizzly band counterparts on Wednesday. Happy Thanksgiving!
15 days ago, Hoquiam Middle School
11 27
HMS Families: Getting some questions on Wednesday. There IS school on Wednesday. We are on an early release, and students are out at 1:15.
16 days ago, Hoquiam Middle School
HMS Families: A reminder that Monday and Tuesday are full days of school, but Wednesday is a 1:15 dismissal. We hope you have a great week!
17 days ago, Hoquiam Middle School
HMS Families: Week at a Glance for November 20-24. Wrestling Monday, Basketball Tuesday, Early Release Wednesday, Holiday Break Thursday and Friday. Enjoy your weekend.
20 days ago, Hoquiam Middle School
HMS Families: Tonight is Hoquiam vs. Montesano night with Girls Basketball! The varsity teams play AT Montesano Jr. High, 8th Grade at 4:00, 7th Grade 5:15. The JV teams play HERE at 4:00 for 8th, and 5:15 for 7th.
23 days ago, Hoquiam Middle School
HMS Families: We are requesting some feedback. Please, if you haven't done so already, can you scan the QR code which will take you to the CEE family survey? We are down to the deadline, and don't have a lot of responses. This data is important as we move forward. Thank you for whatever feedback you can provide.
23 days ago, Hoquiam Middle School
HMS 6th Grade Families: Congratulations to the following 6th Graders for making 1st Quarter Honor Roll--Grade 6 Principal’s Honor Roll (4.0)--Alarah Tewee--Alonso Aguilar--Andres Carrada-Morelia--Ashlynn Bale--Eli Jones --Kenzie Stankavich --Lyric Ramstein--Presley Wallin--Ryan Roberts --Zoey Shope--Grade 6 Grand Honor Roll (3.6-3.99)--Alan Hernandez Nieto--Alani Manoi --Albert Drummond--Amadeus Robison--Amelia Bode--Andrew Hagen--Annabella Oliver--Ash’lynned Donovan-Iverson--Boston Olson--Brandon Frost--Britton Maxfield--Callee Bailey--Chase Mealey--Ciara Worthington--Davyn Stewart --Donovan Bach--Emily-May Smith --Fenix Aguilera --Gemma Heiskell--Grace Whitespeare--Grayson Black --Haven Clayton--Hernandi Cortes-Arzate--Holli Macmillan--Isaac Fabian Avila--Jillian Watkins --Juan Quintero-Arellano--Julian Nelson--Kamryn Arnold--Keegan Rice--Kevin Lowe--Kruz Calloway--Liana Santiago-Torres--Lucero Rosales Ramirez--Lunabelle Julian--Marco Vazquez --Maria Gum--Mason Merriman--Matthew Dollarhyde--Maverick Tilley--Michael Rodriguez--Mitchell Sherwood--Natalie Bojorquez--Nayeli Mendoza-Hernandez--Noah Longenbaugh--Nolan Roberts--Patience Foster--Payton Nowak--Peyton Tobias--Ryder Lorton --Santiago Garcia--Thaddeus Koth--Tia Sayamnet--Violet Choate--Yutaka Hughes--Zayden Harder--Grade 6 Honor Roll (3.0-3.59)--Adrianna Vinson--Aiden Calloway--Allexandria Garcia--Amelia Lenz--Cale Wood--Cari Spellman--Charles Montoure-Hathaway--Charlotte Morris--Christian Martin--Declan Potter--Eliah Beerbower--Emily Mataya--Emmanuel Ortiz--Evalynne Morrow--Fatima Enriquez-Rivera--Genevieve Mulders--Hunter DeWald--Hunter Turpin--Jaycee Eddy-Hathaway--Jonathan Kelley--Julia Dooley--Kanon Larsson--Katie Mondragon--Kyla Gamez--Kyron Calica--Lenord Lowery, III--Leviathan Larsson--Liam Perry--Logehn Bergsma--Luis Chavez Torres --Mackenzie Rice--Meilin Just--Mycah Smith--Paisley Shaw--Sebrina Brock--Tallon Leamer--Tayson Miller--Teja Maina--Tenzin Sigafoos--Timothy Morris--Zayne Fletcher
24 days ago, Hoquiam Middle School
HMS 7th Grade Families: Congratulations to these students for making 1st quarter honor roll!--Grade 7 Principal’s Honor Roll (4.0)--Iza Frye--Makalah Haskey--Stella Olson--Tanner Shaw--Grade 7 Grand Honor Roll (3.6-3.99)--Audrey Gray--Bella Garcia-- Bethany Betancourth--Carlos Lopez Perez--Crosby Dick--Grady Hunt--Ivy Fairbairn--Kenneth McCoy III--Kenny Canel Huinil--Kylie McCoy--Maggi Quigg--Nathan Gunderson--Parker Swantek--Rhonnijo Thompson--Teagan Bradshaw Pigott--Grade 7 Honor Roll (3.0-3.59)--Addison Jahner--Aeya Wheeler--Amelia Christy --Andres Tello-- Aubrey Mapel--Ava Butcher--Cesar Gonzalez Nieto--Cristian Nieto Sanches--Ethan Conner--Iker Garcia-Boyzo--Isabel Johnson--Jace Charley--Jaelyn Gruenhagen--Julietta Del Cid--Kane Mondragon--Konor Lilananh--Kyson Nixon--Lucas Montoure--Lyndon Madison--Maci Ramiskey--Makai Stum --Micayla Hynson--Nevaeh Jensen--Quinton Prater--Raelynn Nielsen--Reaghan Madison --Rinzy Hunt--Rodney Chapman--Samantha Taylor--Sophia Barron--Sphynx Levering-Perry--Taylor Graham--Ty Thao--Yazmin Balagot
24 days ago, Hoquiam Middle School
HMS 8th Grade Families: It is my pleasure to announce our first quarter honor roll. Congratulations to these hardworking students! Grade 8 Principal’s Honor Roll (4.0)--Aaliyah Booth--Brittany Alcala Medina--Josh Randall Schuman--Luna Santiago--Monica Garcia--Shayla Bradshaw Pigott--Taylor Smith-- Grade 8 Grand Honor Roll (3.6-3.99)-- Ainsleigh Boggs--Aleara Watkins--Andee Wilson--Anita Hoover--Annora Gwinn --Audrey Cady--Avery Brodhead--Caleb Gudino--Dustin Stewart, Jr. --Ecko Bisher--Emelia Conley--Jordyn Mills--Joseph Goodenough--Juliet Estrada--Kaprie Mong--Kaydence Coleman--Koadah Barr--Luciano Juarez--Madison Gordon--Madyson Lillie--Malaki Bonneau--Maria Baires Ventura--Michelle Reiher--Nathaniel Furth--Olivia Madding --Reagan Monterroso--Talan Hunt--Tristin Case--Zeke James-- Grade 8 Honor Roll (3.0-3.59)--Aaliyah Kennedy--Alexander Mauth--Autumn Morrow--Benjamin Mauth--Bailey Wilson--Brailin Sears--Chassidy Holt--David Arenal-Lopez--Dominic Impey--Ethan Mathews--Gavin Goodenough--Gerardo Talamantes--Gustavo Mendez Ordonez--Hannah Dhooghe--Haydyn Cron--Isabella Dubois--Jade Myers-Betts--Jaxson Howard--Kaleb Philamalee--Kamden Fowler--Karolyn Ogg--Kaylee Paladin--Keagan Bille-Sansom--Kyri Brown--Michael McLucas--Nayalle Gum--Oscar Lugo-- Raylee Jones--Renae’jah Burtenshaw--Ronald Landon--Savannah Jolly--Winston Nesperoz--Yeraizy Vazquez
24 days ago, Hoquiam Middle School
HMS Families: Week at a Glance for November 13-17--Lots and lots of home sporting events. Wrestling at home Monday and Wednesday, Girls Basketball JV gets Tuesday, and Girls Basketball and 8th JV get Thursday for a triple header...
25 days ago, Hoquiam Middle School
11 13