Welcome to the 2021-22 school year.   We are excited to partner with you during this school year.  As we all know, COVID has definitely had a tremendous impact on our lives as well as education-we are committed to partnering with you for the best experience possible during this year.  Our number one goal is to keep our doors open for students-as long as it is healthy for kids and staff.  

Additionally, we wanted to share with you what remote learning will look like this school year if we find ourselves in situations where we can not learn on campus. After receiving feedback from students, families, and staff, as well as following the guidance issued by OSPI,  we have developed a plan that we feel will be as supportive of students and families while providing adequate rigor for  all of our students.

In the subsequent sections of this handbook, you will see our renewed commitment to  family engagement while learning remotely. Concepts of teacher outreach, office hours,  and required attendance are all covered in this handbook. This work will be vital to  ensuring that students and families are feeling supported during remote learning.  You will also find schedules and descriptions of learning time throughout the day.  

Families can also find information about our instructional approaches for literacy and  mathematics through the utilization of Google Classrooms.  Additionally, teachers will host live learning sessions  for the duration of a regular school day-providing opportunities to interact with students during the day.  

Thank you for your ongoing commitment, it is greatly appreciated!  

Continuous Learning Plan